Market Commentary 9/30/16

Are You Smarter Than a Frog?

You may have heard of the suggestion to cook a frog by putting it in cold water first and very gradually increasing the temperature so the frog will sit patiently and not notice the change until the water is boiling.  I did a little research and found that scientific studies have actually been conducted in an attempt to prove or disprove the thesis.  In 1872 and 1875 Heinzmann and then Frotschen concluded that the thesis was true if you increased water temperature by 0.2 degrees Celsius per minute.  In 1995, however, Douglas Melton, of Harvard no less, disproved the notion.  Glad to see such scientific breakthroughs at one of our most prestigious educational institutions.  As for me, I think if you put a little wine in the water the frog won’t know what hit him, and will be much more relaxed in the process.

But if you think that the average investor is smarter than a frog, I might suggest a couple of real life examples to prove otherwise.

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