Market Commentary 3/31/16

Money and Politics

A friend of mine does a weekly radio show that he calls “Money and Politics”.  He invites guests from both the financial world and political sphere to discuss issues in their respective areas of expertise and has had me on the show numerous times to talk about the markets for the benefit (hopefully) of his faithful listeners.  I have always thought that he picked money and politics because they were two of his favorite things, and while I could suggest some other topics to spice things up, I’m not sure that he would embrace them. 

Money and politics have always been related to some extent, but it seems that nowadays the two are much more intertwined than ever.  Government has exerted increasing influence over the economy, and the financial markets as a result, and the Fed has become much more political in its policy decisions.  There are many, myself included, who believe that this increased politicization distorts important market relationships, potentially increasing the risk of market volatility.

If this heightened political influence is the “new normal”, it is a scary thought indeed.  Even a casual look at the economic proposals of almost all of the presidential candidates should raise concerns.  The lack of understanding of basic financial and economic reality is apparent in range of policy proposals that go from completely unworkable to outlandishly naive in terms of the cost and/or benefit for our economy. 

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